4 Common Causes of AC Problems

4 Common Causes of AC Problems

When the summer heat is beating down, nothing is more enjoyable than getting inside of a cool Mercedes with the air blowing on high speed. But, sometimes you get inside the car and experience anything but the cool pleasures that you want. There are many reasons why your AC may not be working the way that it should. The four reasons below are the most common causes of AC trouble. Make sure to schedule an appointment for mercedes benz service birmingham al if the AC isn’t working the way that it should. The pros can get the air fixed in no time.

1.    Low Refrigerant

Refrigerator keeps the AC cool and doing its job. When it is low, the AC cannot put out cool air. This is also a common AC problem but one that can be repaired quickly by a quick refill of Freon. Why swelter in the heat when it is so easy to refill the Freon?

2.    Leaks

AC leaks are frustrating but one of the most common problems with the car’s air conditioner unit. There are a few causes of an AC leak. Most revert back to moisture buildup that causes gaskets and other components to loosen.

3.    Weak Airflow

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Weak airflow can be caused by any number of problems. An expert repair technician can determine the exact cause and make the repair fast. Some of the potential causes of weak AC air flow include clogged vacuum lines, loose gaskets, and problems with the condenser.

4.    Bad Smells

Bad smells are commonly experienced when there is mold in the evaporator cabin. You can find a number of products that will take away the mold and those bad smells that you do not want to sniff out.  But, a dirty cabin air filter could be the culprit of those horrific smells if there isn’t a problem with model. Professional diagnosis is best.


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