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Are Third Parties The Way To Run Your Golf Club?

We have all heard the mantra ‘reduce expenses and increase revenues. It is often a vaguely covered hope that we can do more with less.

But the economies of scale that organizations who focus on one specific topic can get, sometimes it makes sense to look if a third party can bring in that expertise.

Golf Club is more than business

Think about your golf club for a moment. There’s more to it than just a round of golf. The club house is a place for golfers and their non-golfing friends to meet and chat. The club professional offers lessons and help. The club is often the center of activity of which golf is an important part but not the only part.

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Someone Else to Manage Your Club

There is an equation in bringing in golf club management. The club owner or board needs to consider the reduction in expenses + the increase in revenues must be greater than the cost of the management company.

is Power in Size

Because management companies have a range of clients they can often add benefits the lone club cannot. They can implement programs across their entire customer base to increase membership, and member spending. They can use their size to gain discounts on equipment.

It’s their ability to provide this on a wider scale than the individual club with makes sense.

to Manage Golf Club Management

It basically comes down to the desire of the board or the owner. Which elements should the management company take over? Could it be just grounds management or everything? How will they deliver on what they promise is also critical to success? Make sure you know what they will do to the club.